About kissign

Chan Kwok Chung has been engaging in graphic design and photo imaging industry since 2004. In 2013, he founded design company KISSIGN and started working as a freelancer to explore his personal project “Six sensations notebook”. In 2014, he was awarded The Award Scheme for Learning Experiences approved by Industry Training Advisory Committees (Printing and Publishing Industry), and participated in the visual communication exhibition in Germany to learn more about the latest imaging and displaying skills. In early 2016, “Comfort Food” was awarded Excellent Award (Series Category) in the “Photoeat” Photo Competition held by Hong Kong International Photo Festival and were invited to participate in Hong Kong International Photo Festival - “1000 familes” Exhibition, exhibit a series of “Pets' Human Families” photographs.

陳國宗於2004 開始從事美術設計工作。2013 年成立杰象設計公司,其間以自由工作者身份探索六感並創作《六感筆記本》。2014 年獲得印刷及出版業行業培訓諮詢委員會批核,透過「資歷架構學習體驗獎勵計劃」,前往德國參加視覺圖像展覽會的機會,認識圖像製作及展示技術。2016年初,以《Comfort Food》作品參加香港國際攝影節舉辦之《拍住食攝影比賽》獲系列作品優異獎並獲邀請參加第四屆香港國際攝影節《千戶》攝影展,展出《寵物的人類家庭》系列相片。

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